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The final word in glamour. As Jan Te Bont brings his Renaissance, along comes ‘The Jan Te Bont Annual Model Directory 2014’ starring Lana Dealessi, Tallyta Cavalieri, Denise Lewarissa, Anna Christelle, Viv Fox, Nathalie NC, Robin Roxette, Annabelle La Belle, Denise Aukes, Mifa, Nahanni, Jerome Modigliani and many more stars!

The JTB saga continues with the release of this film with the most stunning models captured in a dazzling way. A true all star showdown of the best of the best outthere! Add in the awesome talents of Muah’s Nahanni, Denise Aukes, and Mifa from Mifa’s Studio and you have a unique gathering of talent ready to feast your eyes.

While JTB also has become a creative platform for unique talents, models, mua’s, cameramen, photographers, editors and lots more it also has put it’s mark on the glamour industry as it is. With new elan and new vigour, Jan Te Bont brings out his unique style with topclass models from around the globe. And with these stars you cannot miss!

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