Valentine is coming and this is your chance to give that special gift to someone with some JTB flavour. JTB valentine pack is a theme based shoot for the lovers outthere and will give you unique material you can always use for the valentine period every year. Many have already did so in the past so now is your chance to do it yourself. BOOK NOW.


Well done! You have just made your first step into the world of Jan Te Bont Photography!

– An exclusive 3 hour studio shoot with Jan Te Bont (maximum 2 outfits)
– Studio shoot
– Professional make-up and hairdressing by Denise Aukes*
– A maximum of 8 handpicked photos will be retouched in hi-res format
– A DVD with all photos in hi-res & small jpg format, including your 8 retouched photos
– A possible feature on Jan Te Bont Media channels (website, social, print)

For years Jan Te Bont’s photography was exclusive for only just a few models. Actually, only JTB Models. But now… …after thousands of requests from his audience, fans and people around the globe, now there’s a chance to put you in the spotlight as only Jan Te Bont can do it! What you get are hi-res pictures made with cutting- edge gear only the best of the best work with. Your handpicked photos will be retouched with the same world class quality from magazine’s as FHM, GQ, Playboy and other famous glamour magazines.
We are offering several model packs to suit all wishes. With the JBT VALENTINE PACK you can give yourself an exclusive professional themed shoot with the high quality standards of JTB.

– We need a clean slate, no pre applied make-up or hairdressing
– A selection of outfits from which we will choose a maximum of 2
– Accessories as earrings, necklaces and cuffs we can combine with your outfits
– Full payment in advance, either by cash or by online banking. No advance payment, no shoot.
– Be on location one hour before the actual shoot, so we can prepare and have a little chat
– Contact details: phone number and Facebook
– CANCELLATIONS: 24 hours before the shoot
– A good vibe and a smile! 
Thank you for your interest in Jan Te Bont Photography! The only question you have to ask yourself is this: ARE YOU READY FOR WORLDFAME??
See you soon!
Jan Te Bont and Crew
*If available. If not, another professional make-up artist will be selected