May is the month where temperatures rise and also the grand final of the Champions Leaugue will be played! None other than Robin Roxette will introduce the league of champions of JTB showin some bal control as no one can! Also another guest model will be featured in the JTB mag of May! Be sure to check out all other issues of JTB!

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ROBINROXETTE with Jan Te Bont JTB magazine


Fabienna Valentina blonde barbie lips longhair model glamour busty big boobs beauty sexy perfect girl lady woman jan te bont jantebont JTB doutze
G et to know Fabienna Valentina in this 6 spread interview from Autobabes! This is one of the first and longstanding internet glamour/lifestyle magazines and one of the most populair worldwide! Taking Brasil already by storm, with Asia and Australia waking up to the Fabsters fever, we are proud of our youngest model to already have a feature, but that's why she...


Miss Lewarissa gives you a red hot valentine together with JTB


JTB Model: Anna Christelle

PERFECT FRENCH FINESSE O f Dutch/French origins, Miss Perfect, Miss applebottom… She has more names than the devil! In contrary to that, she brings what the world...

JTB Model: Fabienna Valentina

BUSTY BLONDE GLAMOUR PRINCESS B enjamin blonde of JTB! Fabienna Valentina is a personal discovery from scout photographer Ruud De Jong. Normally we find models ourselves, but...

JTB Model: Tallyta Cavalieri

JTB'S GIRL TALLYTA REPRESENTS BRAZILIAN CURVES B razilian blonde bombshell from Vitoria Brasil! A curvey adventurous lady of german/brazilian descent. Has ambitions in learning phylosophy and...
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