f Dutch/French origins, Miss Perfect, Miss applebottom… She has more names than the devil! In contrary to that, she brings what the world needs : Heavenly Angels. And Miss Christelle is just that! A perfect rolemodel as she is athletic, smart, intelligent, idealistic, beautiful, dynamic, streetwise, cute, sweet, mature, sexy, disciplined, punctual, driven, ambitious, teamplayer, honest, positive,  and daring in her own special way. How much can be packed into one woman? Miss Christelle shows us it doesn’t just end there… She has a master degree in science and is also a dancing teacher on a very advanced level. Add up her perfect curves, striking face and always happy appearance, and you have a flagship JTB Model: Anna Christelle.

When Anna and JTB met for the first time she was still a young woman of 17 years old. Still a bit too young for a JTB shoot. And so it happenend JTB and Anna waited 2 years and from there on the rest was history! Sparkling, dynamic and sensual images from one of the most striking natural forces outthere. Anna is very selective with her shoots/assignments, and so she should be as she is a JTB Exclusive!




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VIAJan Te Bont
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