Covermodels – A JTB collection of the finest


verybody being a model dreams of being on the cover of a magazine. In the digital age it’s becoming a different thing to become a ‘covermodel’ since there isnt a physical cover. But at JTB we stay true to the origins of the covermodel. JTB models are a fine selection of beauty and sensuality and we are proud to let them shine on the covers of every BONT issue! The style of JTB is a gentle mixture of the Miami glamour style and european fashion combined with a touch of Renaissance and cinema. Subscribe now and enjoy the exclusive content of JTB.

A cover model is a male or female whose photograph appears on the front cover of a magazine. The cover model is generally a fashion model, celebrity, or contest winner. Generally, cover models are depicted solitarily; however, on occasion magazines will present a front cover with multiple cover models.[1] Female cover models are often referred to as cover girls.

Cover models generally take part in a fashion or portrait photography photo shoot for the magazine. When a magazine depicts a candid or stock image for the main cover image, the talent is referred to as the magazine “cover” rather than “cover model” or “cover girl”.


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